Our coatings are developed and manufactured in Switzerland

Lower cost

Elite Heritage costs less and is a more modern coating than "Classidur Tradition" and will save money without compromise of quality.

Stain Blocking

Elite Heritage offers excellent stain covering properties. Smoke, soot, water and nicotine stains can all be completely covered without washing, priming or sealing.

For use on ...

Elite Heritage has been developed for use on the following substrates with minimal preparation:

- Soft distemper
- Lime-wash
- Chalking substrates
- Old paint films
- Dried water stains
- Soot & fire residues
- Textured finishes
- Cold surfaces
- Mortar
- Stone
- Wood ...

No Undercoat

All coatings can be applied without an undercoat, primer or sealer of any sort, directly onto coherent substrates.

100% Micro-porous

Elite Heritage is 100% micro-porous and allow vapour to pass through the surface, avoiding vapour pressure under the new paint film. This eliminates the accumulation of trapped water and allows the freshly coated substrate to dry out.

Zero Tension

Elite Heritage has zero tension which means there is less of a chance of future flaking and peeling. This also helps when applying over old paint films.

Specialist Heritage Paints

Addressing the problems of redecorating old buildings

Until now, the redecoration of historic buildings has not been straightforward.

The desire to conserve older buildings has overtaken the desire to replace them and this has put a lot of pressure on the type of renovation materials to be used.

Ecological considerations have recently enhanced the desire to use lime paint but standard lime paint is a primitive coating which tends to have a low mechanical resistance, is prone to efflourescence and is not well-suited to tinting.

Internally, old lime-wash and distemper-coated surfaces have been covered with water-based paints and emulsions because they are cheap, easy to apply and readily available. The use of such coatings is a waste of time and money because the solid walls of old and historic buildings contain a considerable amount of moisture. When standard emulsions and masonary coatings are applied, this moisture becomes trapped. Eventually, it forces its way out and causes paint and plaster to flake and come away from the wall.

The Solution

We offer a small range of thoroughly modern paints which have been developed, in Switzerland, to address the specific problems associated with the decoration of historic buildings.

 Heritage Stain Block

Stain Block

Heritage offers the traditional appearance of the original coatings with the added benefits of durability, ease of application and complete stain covering.

Heritage is a cheaper and more modern coating than "Tradition" and will save money without compromise of quality.

More about Heritage ...

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